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Using images and video on social media

As I’ve noted in previous posts, we’ve been working quite hard on our Instagram and YouTube presence over the past few weeks, to the extent that the former has now become one of our most important communications tools (more so than Facebook). To that end, I thought I’d write a quick post listing some of […]

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Ceramic doorway in Seville

This kind of ceramic tiling is very common across Seville. Many a building is adorned with ceramic tiles of various styles. This one I spotted quite by accident on walkabout during the Easter processions (Semana Santa). I’ve not been here before and have no idea what the bar is like, but I may well have […]

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Street camera

In Seville for the Semana Santa celebrations. The city is full of people coming to the centre to watch the famous religious processions. Dotted throughout the crowds are television crews capturing the processions for local and national television stations. On one street corner I spotted the above camera ready to record the passing processions. It […]

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  This shot was taken in a large department store just outside central Seville. I quite liked the regimented way in which these mannequins were lined up…it’s almost a metaphor for capitalism in general. The image was taken using my iPhone and a black and white filter in Snapseed was applied.

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Dover Castle

Half-term, and a trip to my hometown and its imposing castle. The complex itself is vast, from the Norman keep to the wartime tunnels. This shot was taken with my iPhone as I was leaving the site with my daughter. I would have preferred for there not to be cars (or people for that matter) […]

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Crucifixion silhouette

This photo was taken at Glorieta Cruceiro after watching the cabalgata in Seville. Due to the crowds, it was easier to pull my smartphone out of my pocket than to mess about with the DSLR. I liked the silhouette of the cross with the backdrop of some interesting cloud formations and edited it using a […]

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