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Creating video to promote library services

As I noted in a previous post, one of the things that we’ve really focused on over the summer in preparation for the coming year is putting together some fresh video content that we can use on a variety of social media platforms. As yet we haven’t really used much video content, and our existing […]

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Social media meeting and meeting management

Following the departure of a colleague, I took on the role of chairing our library service’s social media group (I volunteered, no-one else did!). I fulfilled a similar role in my previous place of employment where we went on to launch a Twitter account and looked at other social media. As a result of being […]

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Literature searching workshops

With the hectic induction period firmly behind me, I have been looking at how I can support students in their studies. One of the things I have been keen to do, is to run additional workshops through the year on literature searching. I tend to feel that the induction period is not the best time […]

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