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Using Instagram in libraries...

I’ve not been posting much on here this year (hello start of academic year), but that’s not to say that not much has been happening. Of course we launched our new YouTube channel over the summer and we’ve seen it pay real benefits in terms of answering student queries. But we’ve also seen our Instagram […]

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Using images and video on social media

As I’ve noted in previous posts, we’ve been working quite hard on our Instagram and YouTube presence over the past few weeks, to the extent that the former has now become one of our most important communications tools (more so than Facebook). To that end, I thought I’d write a quick post listing some of […]

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Creating engaging images for social media

At our most recent social media group meeting, we talked about how we can better utilise images on all of our social media channels. Last year it was arranged for a photographer to come to the library and take a range of professional shots of the library, the people using it and the staff. Since […]

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