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Using Instagram in libraries...

I’ve not been posting much on here this year (hello start of academic year), but that’s not to say that not much has been happening. Of course we launched our new YouTube channel over the summer and we’ve seen it pay real benefits in terms of answering student queries. But we’ve also seen our Instagram […]

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Promoting your library on Facebook and Instagram

For a long time I’ve not really talked about Facebook Pages when I’ve been speaking at events and things about using social media effectively. Ever since the introduction of the paid model to reach more of the people who like your page, I’ve kinda considered it not to be worthy of the time and effort […]

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Jisc technology student research

A couple of weeks ago, Jisc announced some interesting findings regarding a survey into how students use technology. I was particularly interested in the top line stuff because I’m currently chair of our library service’s social media group and the university has also distributed tablets to all undergrads with their bursary. Unfortunately, the raw data […]

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