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Information Skills Workshops

I’ve banged on a little bit in the past about using Mentimeter as a live polling tool with students in my workshops – particularly in terms of crowd-sourcing keywords. Recently I tried it out as a pure polling tool in an information skills workshop, specifically in relation to a quick test to teach the students […]

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Upcoming talks and workshops...

Been a bit busy of late due to start of term and a journal article I’m currently working on (more on that when I can). But a couple of speaking gigs have cropped up that I thought I ought to post here in case anyone is interested: 5th November 2015 – A social media workshop […]

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Event planning and workshop preparation...

The summer should, in theory, be a quiet time for a subject librarian. Of course, it’s not at all as there are plenty of things to prepare before the next academic year. At present I am currently looking at ways I can adapt and improve my induction sessions. Last year I decided to pretty much […]

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Literature searching workshops

With the hectic induction period firmly behind me, I have been looking at how I can support students in their studies. One of the things I have been keen to do, is to run additional workshops through the year on literature searching. I tend to feel that the induction period is not the best time […]

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