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Digital divide, Edward Snowden and MmIT

Just a quick post to prove that this blog still exists as a thing and hasn’t been completely forgotten about. Part of the reason for the forlorn nature of both my main blogs is that I have been busy in all my spare time working on a journal article (my first!). I’m still working on […]

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LISDIS: Community libraries and the digital divide

All being well, right about now I should be delivering a presentation at the first LISDIS conference about my dissertation on volunteer run libraries and the digital divide (turns out I posted this after my presentation). I was really pleased to have been accepted to present at this conference, not only because it is the […]

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Talking libraries and radical librarians

As the whole radical librarianship thing starts to shift into the mainstream media (see this article in The Nation featuring my good friend Alison Macrina), I’ll be talking to a few people about radical librarianship at an exhibition curated by Ruth Beale at the Institute of Contemporary Arts. Ruth’s exhibition featuresĀ a “temporary library composed of […]

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