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Upcoming talks and workshops...

Been a bit busy of late due to start of term and a journal article I’m currently working on (more on that when I can). But a couple of speaking gigs have cropped up that I thought I ought to post here in case anyone is interested: 5th November 2015 – A social media workshop […]

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Talking radical librarianship at fig-2

A couple of week ago, I was approached by Ruth Beale to speak at an exhibition she was creating at the Institute of Creative Arts as part of the fig-2 project (more about fig-2 here). Ruth was sent in my direction by Alice Corble to talk about radical librarianship as part of an investigation into […]

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Pinning and presenting...

Plenty going on this week so far as I crack on with preparations for the new academic year in advance of some time off when the baby arrives. Having to ensure the bulk of my work ready before the new arrival certainly concentrates the mind. That said, I tend to work better when I have […]

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Preparing and reviewing...

For most of this week the focus has been on getting my various presentations ready for the coming academic year. With a baby due in August, I’m trying to get as much done as possible in advance of the new year so that I can come back from my planned paternity leave fairly relaxed (I […]

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