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The first round of library inductions...

  This is my first run of preparing and delivering library inductions, both at my current employer and overall. I’ve previously helped with the delivery of induction sessions in the past, but never had to actually see one through from planning to delivery. So the experience is certainly a new one. Overall I’ve quite enjoyed […]

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Moving forward...

Gradually I am finding myself being ever deeper into life at my new place of work. After the talking, showing and explaining, comes the actual doing (or attempting to do). This is the best where you really learn stuff. I am a big fan of just getting stuck in and learning from doing. I think […]

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Settling in...

I’m three weeks into my new life as a commuting librarian. Well, in reality it is two weeks. After my first week I had some pre-booked leave that my new employer honoured when I took up the job. Actually this was, I think, really well timed. Inductions can be particularly mind-blowing, new environment, new people…so […]

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The first week

So, the first week under my belt already. I’m amazed at how quick it’s gone. I have to say though, that I am loving it at the moment. All the worries I had about the commute, the change in job and in location have disappeared. So far it is shaping up to be the most […]

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