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Not had much time to write on here recently so long overdue an update/reflection/mind dump. I’m not quite sure why I haven’t had that much time, but I know I have found it difficult to write much recently. I think this is, in some respects, due to the new job and the fact that my […]

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A mixed week...

This week has had its ups and downs. Thankfully the downs have been commuter based rather than work based, but still…a bit of an annoyance. Wednesday was basically a day where everything that could go wrong on the commute did go wrong. I had no water in the house before I left, my usual train […]

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The Other Campus

So today I took a trip to the other campus at my new place of work. It’s a pretty impressive at site, looking out across the Thames and City airport. Whilst there I got to meet more of the team I will be working with and learnt more about some of the services the library […]

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Getting started...

Ok, I’m not sure how well this blog will be used, but I thought as I was starting a new role, in a new place with a big change in my personal life, I ‘should’ really blog my experiences (as much for my own benefit as anything else). As you might notice from the title, […]

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