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Digital divide, Edward Snowden and MmIT

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Just a quick post to prove that this blog still exists as a thing and hasn’t been completely forgotten about. Part of the reason for the forlorn nature of both my main blogs is that I have been busy in all my spare time working on a journal article (my first!). I’m still working on it now following it being passed back to me as part of the peer-review process (which, by the way, is a big learning process for me in terms of how it all works). I’m hoping, all being well, that it will be finished soon and I can finally put the thing to bed. Well, apart from the various conferences I’ll submit papers to to talk about this sort of stuff of course. Probably I’ll never put it to bed, but for now at least I want to imagine there is some light at the end of the tunnel…

In relation to the article, I recently delivered a talk at the MmIT AGM (details of this here) and I have also recently submitted an article based on the longer journal article I have written/I’m writing. I’m planning on posting this article online after it has been published by the MmIT group (probably over at Infoism). The presentation from the session is available below. There are already some things that have cropped up that have refined my thinking on this topic, not helped by the fact there are continual developments in this area (writing stuff on current moving topics is very hard, folks!).

I don’t really have much else to say on this at the moment…but hopefully I’ll be able to say more soon…not least in terms of the article finally seeing the light of day!

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