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Visitors and residents - a social media workshop

A little while ago I was approached by the Kent branch of CILIP to deliver a tour of my library and run a workshop similar to that which I ran at the NAG conference last year. I was a little bit nervous about the session (there’s something about being invited to do something that puts the pressure on more than normal!), but it seemed to go quite well. You can read CILIP Kent’s take over here.

Rather than regurgitate the kind of stuff I’ve done before, I decided to build the session up from scratch, taking some elements of previous presentations/workshops on this theme, but freshening it up and adding some new resources I’d not used before. Again, it used the visitors/residents angle on how we use social media as a communications tool as this is something I am particularly interested in: understanding behaviours and using communications tools appropriately.

I also incorporated a couple of tools that I’ve found to be really useful. Mentimeter for a live poll element to the workshop to get some idea of the social media use in the room, and OpenAttribute which is a great help when attributing images used in my slides. Historically, I’ve been very rubbish at attributing and stuck a photo credits slide at the end in the hope that will cover all bases (it doesn’t, it’s a crap way of doing it!). I won’t go into it here, but you can read more about how it works over there. I found it really useful, and I’d definitely recommend it.

I’ve also added a “sources” slide to my presentation, and again this is something I am going to look to do in future. I sometimes see slidedecks where stats are presented but without clearly indicating where those stats come from. As with the attributing images thing, I think this is really bad practice. Point people to the sources (especially theoretical ones) and let them dig around for themselves and draw their own conclusions. A nice slide full of the sources you referred to can be really helpful. We do it with articles etc, why not do it with slides?

Anyway, the presentation is available below. Thanks again to CILIP Kent for inviting me to deliver the workshop, I really enjoyed it!

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