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LISDIS: Community libraries and the digital divide

All being well, right about now I should be delivering a presentation at the first LISDIS conference about my dissertation on volunteer run libraries and the digital divide (turns out I posted this after my presentation). I was really pleased to have been accepted to present at this conference, not only because it is the first of its kind (and hopefully the first of many!), but also because I feel that the growth of volunteer libraries is something that should be at the forefront of our discussions about the state of public libraries today.

Many thanks to Michelle Bond, Rosie Higman, Jessica Haigh and Emily Wheeler for their excellent work in putting LISDIS 2015 together and getting it up and running. It’s really important (in my humble opinion!) to get those LIS dissertations out there and raise awareness of some of the great work that is being (or has been) conducted by LIS students.


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