Subject Librarian

November, 2015

LISDIS: Community libraries and the digital divide

All being well, right about now I should be delivering a presentation at the first LISDIS conference about my dissertation on volunteer run libraries and the digital divide (turns out I posted this after my presentation). I was really pleased to have been accepted to present at this conference, not only because it is the […]

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Visitors and residents - a social media workshop

A little while ago I was approached by the Kent branch of CILIP to deliver a tour of my library and run a workshop similar to that which I ran at the NAG conference last year. I was a little bit nervous about the session (there’s something about being invited to do something that puts […]

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Information Skills Workshops

I’ve banged on a little bit in the past about using Mentimeter as a live polling tool with students in my workshops – particularly in terms of crowd-sourcing keywords. Recently I tried it out as a pure polling tool in an information skills workshop, specifically in relation to a quick test to teach the students […]

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