Subject Librarian

June, 2015


Keywords - crowd sourcing search terms

As I mentioned in my previous post, I’m starting to look at adapting my literature searching workshops for the coming year so they are a little different and more…”me”. One of the things I have been most conscious of is the need to be more interactive in my sessions. Previously they were very much “chalk […]

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Event planning and workshop preparation...

The summer should, in theory, be a quiet time for a subject librarian. Of course, it’s not at all as there are plenty of things to prepare before the next academic year. At present I am currently looking at ways I can adapt and improve my induction sessions. Last year I decided to pretty much […]

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Pitching ideas to peers and confident communication

Today we had a staff development day at the Boleyn Ground (West Ham’s football stadium if you aren’t into that sort of thing). The day featured a number of talks and sessions about a variety of aspects of the service. Perhaps the key element for me was a section whereby staff pitched ideas to their […]

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