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May, 2015

Stegosaurus at the Natural History Museum

Yesterday we took the kids to the Natural History Museum in London. It’s been a long time since I last visited the museum and, of course, the dinosaur exhibit was high on the agenda. The above photo is of a Stegosaurus, situated near the step-free entrance to the museum (you can view the original by […]

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The above photo was taken on a trip to Whitstable today. I’m never really too sure about photos where one colour is picked out, but it was such a dull day I felt like the red would really benefit from being brought out a bit more. There’s also a black and white version here and […]

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Talking radical librarianship at fig-2

A couple of week ago, I was approached by Ruth Beale to speak at an exhibition she was creating at the Institute of Creative Arts as part of the fig-2 project (more about fig-2 here). Ruth was sent in my direction by Alice Corble to talk about radical librarianship as part of an investigation into […]

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Talking libraries and radical librarians

As the whole radical librarianship thing starts to shift into the mainstream media (see this article in The Nation featuring my good friend Alison Macrina), I’ll be talking to a few people about radical librarianship at an exhibition curated by Ruth Beale at the Institute of Contemporary Arts. Ruth’s exhibition featuresĀ a “temporary library composed of […]

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Lilac 2015, Newcastle University

It’s taken me a little while to write-up my experience of Lilac in Newcastle, partly because there was quite a lot to process, partly because there has been so much going on since I’ve barely had time to sit and properly gather my thoughts. Even this will be a rather piecemeal attempt to put together […]

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