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Libraries and research - a CPD25 event

Image c/o Mika Hiltunen on Flickr.

On Monday our CPD25 task group hosted two events on research and institutional repositories. The first, Engaging & Supporting Researchers, covered how to reach out to the researcher community and how to develop good relationships with researchers. The second, Facilitating access to research: managing the institutional repository, looked at the process of managing an institutional repository, as well as some of the new developments in the area (particularly the use of Altmetrics and Figshare).

I do enjoy the process of identifying suitable topics for CPD25 events, arranging the speakers and then hosting the event. I’ve been involved in CPD25 for about four years now, and I’ve certainly gained an awful lot from the experience, both in terms of attending events as well as the process of organising an event in London that will be of interest to the library community (and sometimes beyond the library community!). In this particular case, I worked with a colleague on our task group to organise the second of the two events, which seemed to go really well (as did the first, it was a really interesting day and the two events worked really well together in my view).

What was particularly pleasing was that we managed to successfully achieve something a little different: presentation via Skype. Unfortunately our first speaker had taken ill, but was keen to deliver his presentation online (thanks Chris!). Despite my worries about the tech holding out, it actually went really well. (Incidentally, it’s a timely reminder of the value of descriptive slides…bullet points are not always a bad thing on presentations…particularly when you are delivering them remotely and there’s a danger of the sound periodically cutting out.)

Rather than go into too much detail about the talks, I’ve pulled together the inevitable Storify of tweets shared at both events and posted them below. At some point I’ll probably write a more extensive post about the process of putting together a CPD25 event (top tip: Visible Tweets is an excellent tool to use during breaks at an event!), but for now, here are the tweets from both events…

Engaging & Supporting Researchers

Facilitating access to research: managing the institutional repository

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