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March, 2015

Libraries and research - a CPD25 event

On Monday our CPD25 task group hosted two events on research and institutional repositories. The first, Engaging & Supporting Researchers, covered how to reach out to the researcher community and how to develop good relationships with researchers. The second, Facilitating access to research: managing the institutional repository, looked at the process of managing an institutional repository, as […]

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Chairing meetings and other things...

For some time now, I’ve been chairing meetings of various descriptions in a variety of settings. Back in my retail days I chaired meetings with my teams and with other managers. In public libraries I chaired the weekly staff briefings, in academic libraries I’ve chaired various social media group meetings and I’ve chaired a number […]

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NAG social media workshop

The following is a write-up of the social media workshop I ran at the NAG conference last year. The article was published in the Winter 2014/2015 edition of NAG’s Taking Stock journal. The slides I used in the workshop are also available online. In the current climate, how we communicate with our users within both […]

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Jisc technology student research

A couple of weeks ago, Jisc announced some interesting findings regarding a survey into how students use technology. I was particularly interested in the top line stuff because I’m currently chair of our library service’s social media group and the university has also distributed tablets to all undergrads with their bursary. Unfortunately, the raw data […]

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Creating engaging images for social media

At our most recent social media group meeting, we talked about how we can better utilise images on all of our social media channels. Last year it was arranged for a photographer to come to the library and take a range of professional shots of the library, the people using it and the staff. Since […]

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Repositories and supporting researchers - two upcoming CPD25 events

For a few years now, I’ve been a member of one of the CPD25 task groups (specifically Task Group 3 – Operations Management). CPD25 is effectively the professional development arm of the M25 consortium of academic libraries. We basically organise events on a range of themes related to academic libraries, inviting speakers to come along […]

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