Subject Librarian

February, 2015

Social media meeting and meeting management

Following the departure of a colleague, I took on the role of chairing our library service’s social media group (I volunteered, no-one else did!). I fulfilled a similar role in my previous place of employment where we went on to launch a Twitter account and looked at other social media. As a result of being […]

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Over the weekend we took full advantage of having the in-laws stay with us and decided to have a day out in London. This was also a good opportunity to have a proper play with the new prime lens I received for Christmas. Below are some of my favourite shots from yesterday (all available as […]

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The Mirror backs Voices for the Library

I was really pleased to discover over the week-end that the Mirror has publicly backed Voices for the Library¬†(VftL). Pleased not only because it endorses all the work that we (both current and former VftL-ers) have put into the organisation since we got it up and running in 2010, but also because things are, sadly, […]

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