Subject Librarian

August, 2014

Impending conferencing, presenting and touring...

This week has mainly been about preparing presentations for the coming weeks, predominantly the NAG conference social media workshops I am delivering in York next week. It has been particularly tricky to prepare for these. Whilst I have presented at conferences in the past, I have not previously run any workshops. So I’ve been picking […]

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A new domain...

I’ve been mulling this over for some time, but finally decided to get a ‘vanity’ URL and consolidate some of my blogs and content into one singular space. I’ve tended to like keeping stuff separate for a number of reasons, but I’ve decided to consolidate all of my professional stuff in one place. This does […]

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Not posted anything for a while due to a number of factors (new baby being the main one!). But whilst at a children’s play area in Rye I spotted a couple of these funny looking things on springs. Not really sure what you are supposed to do on them, but they looked quite cool so […]

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