Subject Librarian

July, 2014

Talking the talk...

I’m a little late with this one as I was otherwise engaged most of last Friday so didn’t have the time to sit and write out a blog post about my week. Partly because I presented at a CPD25 event on apps and social media, partly because I was meeting my dear friend Jaffne who […]

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Getting listed...

This week has been, once more, about getting organised. I’ve found lately that I have been struggling keeping on top of all the things I need to get done. Up until now I’d been using as a tool to help with this, but I’ve found it is as not as useful as I might […]

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Pinning and presenting...

Plenty going on this week so far as I crack on with preparations for the new academic year in advance of some time off when the baby arrives. Having to ensure the bulk of my work ready before the new arrival certainly concentrates the mind. That said, I tend to work better when I have […]

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