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Semana Santa, Seville


We recently visited Seville during Semana Santa (the Holy Week), a week long series of processions held throughout the city (and throughout Spain). I had never visited the city in the run up to Easter before (we normally go for the Feria de Abril two weeks later) and, whilst I am not religious in any way, I was really interested in experiencing an event that is very important to the city of Seville (it’s considered the place to be in Spain for Holy Week).

The above shot was taken during one of these processions. The penitents periodically stop to ensure that the procession doesn’t become too stretched out and detached from the pasos (floats carrying sculptures of the events of the passion, or of the Virgin Mary). I quite like this image as there’s a contrast between the sombre, religious dress of the penitent and the casual dress of the crowd. I also quite like the fact that, even under the robes, the penitent appears deep in thought…which is probably odd to say as you only catch a merest glimpse of his eye. I think what perhaps helps is that the crowd are clearly focused on something behind without a single person looking at the penitent. Despite everyone else’s eyes looking off into the distance, the penitent remains resolutely forward facing as if completely immersed in the procession and its religious importance (or maybe I am reading too much into it!).

The photo was converted into black and white using Photoshop, but no other edits were made.


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