Subject Librarian

May, 2014

Hitting the ground...

The past week has presented me with some interesting new challenges as well as some interesting new opportunities, which is great! Gradually as the days and weeks pass I am dealing with more of the kinds of things one should expect to deal with as a subject librarian. You realise, after a few weeks, that […]

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Semana Santa, Seville

  We recently visited Seville during Semana Santa (the Holy Week), a week long series of processions held throughout the city (and throughout Spain). I had never visited the city in the run up to Easter before (we normally go for the Feria de Abril two weeks later) and, whilst I am not religious in […]

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First sessions...

As exams and dissertation deadlines approach for my School, I’ve had my first two one-to-one sessions with students providing support and guidance in making the most of library resources. The first required some pointers on resources that could help with the dissertation writing process, having never written a dissertation before. The second wanted some help […]

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All the neon

  Over the week-end I stayed with a couple of friends who generously put me up for a couple of nights whilst in London (un)conferencing. The Sunday I was due to head back, we headed to Gods Own Junkyard which was a nothing less than a shrine to neon. It was amazing to look at. […]

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A mixed week...

This week has had its ups and downs. Thankfully the downs have been commuter based rather than work based, but still…a bit of an annoyance. Wednesday was basically a day where everything that could go wrong on the commute did go wrong. I had no water in the house before I left, my usual train […]

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Moving forward...

Gradually I am finding myself being ever deeper into life at my new place of work. After the talking, showing and explaining, comes the actual doing (or attempting to do). This is the best where you really learn stuff. I am a big fan of just getting stuck in and learning from doing. I think […]

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