Subject Librarian

February, 2014

St.Michael's Chapel, Canterbury Cathedral

  As it was half-term, and due to the fact I get free admission courtesy of my employer, we took a visit to Canterbury Cathedral as a cheap trip out. Sadly it wasn’t the best of days outside so I was unable to get any half-decent external shots of the cathedral. I did, however, manage […]

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Dover Castle

Half-term, and a trip to my hometown and its imposing castle. The complex itself is vast, from the Norman keep to the wartime tunnels. This shot was taken with my iPhone as I was leaving the site with my daughter. I would have preferred for there not to be cars (or people for that matter) […]

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Chartham cycle path

I took this shot whilst walking along the Great Stour Way cycle route (or the Chartham to Canterbury cycle route) to see the impact of the recent storms. It was a beautiful sunny day which was a welcome change and somewhat of a rarity in 2014. This image was taken on the walk back to […]

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This image was taken on the shingle beach in Whitstable. I love the vivid green you get from seaweed like this, so I took a couple of shots to try and capture it. It’s not the most interesting of photos, but I like the colour. And it makes a change from black and white.

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Whitstable Library

Today was National Libraries Day in the UK, so it seemed fitting to post a photo taken outside Whitstable library in Kent. Every year on National Libraries Day, local library supporters come together and chalk messages of support on the stone slabs outside the library. When the weather is good, it’s quite an effective sight: […]

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